Dr. Pernel Dove 

Psychic, Medium 


  Done On:  March 15, 2003

I decided to ask Pernel some questions and see what she thought about upcoming events.  Here are the answers she gave me to my questions. 

What do you think is going to happen this summer with weather? 

She replied: The summer will be a night mare, just as I told you the winter would be.  It will be hot, very hot.  There will be a major drought and tons of fires, and many states will have the worst flooding they have ever seen. 

UPDATE: June 23, 2003

In the state of New Jersey they are being told that even if it rained every day the entire summer that the water tables will not be up to where they should be. Droughts are being reported in several states as well, such as Kansas. 

Fire is raging in Arizona this week and burning thousands of acres.  Even the Observatory is being threatened.  There is nothing normal about this weather at all. 

UPDATE: July 16,2003

Record temperatures have been soaring across the nation.  Phoenix Arizona has been reporting temperatures of 125 degrees and the heat indexes in many states have soared over 100 degrees.  Indiana and other states have had horrible flooding, worst than it has ever been in history.  Looks like this prediction was right on the mark. 


 The things that stand out is the destruction that will be caused by the tornados and the hurricanes. They will be fierce and cause hugh amounts of destruction and loss of lives. No one should take the warnings lightly this year.


It was announced on CNN Headline News last night (May 10, 2003) that this has been the worst tornado season that has ever been recorded since they began keeping track of them in the early part of the century. 

In one week, there was almost 400 tornado touchdowns. They have ripped across many states and done damage in the millions.  There have been several deaths reported.  

Pernel's prediction has been extremely accurate.  She has received many calls asking her to take down these predictions from the site as they scare people.  Please be aware that Pernel does not create these storms, nor can she stop them, all she can do is tell you what she sees.  These predictions are not meant to scare anyone, just to help people to be aware of what is coming.  

UPDATE: June 23, 2003..TORNADOES

The tornadoes continue to rip across the states.  The strangest thing according to announcements made about them is the amounts of them that are appearing at one time.  There have been reports of five touchdowns side by side in the same area, three at once, and occurring at night which they can't explain. The tornadoes seem to be just dropping from out of nowhere according to some reports and on NBC they announced they have never seen a tornado season like this before. 



According to the government weather forecasters, looks like Pernel was right on this one also.  This was taken off the internet from the top stories in the news. 

MIAMI (May 19) - Government forecasters predicted a busier-than-normal Atlantic hurricane season Monday: Six to nine hurricanes overall, including two to four major storms packing winds of at least 111 mph
Overall, 11 to 15 tropical storms are expected to develop during the season that runs from June 1 to Nov. 30; the historical average is 10 tropical storms and six hurricane.  Hurricane forecaster William Gray updated his 2003 prediction last month to say there would be eight hurricanes, three of them severe. The Weather Research Center predicts six hurricanes this year.

UPDATE: July 16, 2003 ..Hurricanes

It was announced on NBC Nightline that the Hurricane heading for the coast of Texas this week is very unusual.  It is the first time that a hurricane has come out this early in the season since 1812 and hit the coast.  The forecasters are hoping that this is not a precursor for the rest of the season.  Once it hit land, the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm after causing major destruction and a few deaths.  


 There will be problems with the water, it is not safe,  and in many places it will be hard to get.  A major drought will hit full circle in August. 

UPDATE: July 16, 2003

It has been reported on CNN that there is a drought in many of the Midwestern states.  Water is in short supply, and much of it has been contaminated and unfit for drinking.  

So what will happen with world events?

She Replied: I will not discuss the war.  It does me no good to tell people about such things so that can play out on it's own. 

An earthquake is going to hit the United States, not in California or places where they usually hit, but in a place where earth quakes are unheard of.  This one will do some damage. 

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2003

Looks like this prediction was right on.  The quake in GA was reported to have been felt as far as Tenn. 

April 29, 2003, 4:59 am near Fort Payne, AL 4.9 or 4.6 (felt widely in Atlanta)
March 18, 2003, 1:04 am Rayle, GA (between Athens and Augusta) 3.5

There will be two assignation attempts made this year on political figures. 

UPDATE: MAY 7, 2003: 

This prediction has all ready come true.  Two political figures in the Middle east have been the victims of assignations as has been reported on CNN.  

Ok...Can you tell me, will we be hit again with a terrorist attack?  If yes, then where and by who?  

She Replied:  Does it matter?  What good would it do for you to have  this information?  I tried to tell people about the Okalahoma City bombing, it did not stop it, I tried to warn about Sept. 11, it did no good.  It does no good to try and warn about these events, no one listens.

I am listening, is there anything we can do about them and is Bin Laden planning on doing something again?

She replied:  He is alive and well.  Of course he is planning another attack, that is what he lives for, but not now, not with the terror alerts high and us watching us.  He will wait, when it quiets down and he can get center stage in the media, then he will pull a little something out of his bag of tricks to hit us with.    Right now, no one cares about him with the war on Iraq going on. 

UPDATE: May 13, 2003

It has been announced that Bin Laden's group has once again targeted Americans and has made a strike against the U.S. The following was taken off the internet news report on May 13, 2003.  Once again, Pernel's predictions have been proven correct. 

The bombings, which took place about 11:30 p.m. Monday, constituted one of the deadliest terror attacks on Americans since Sept. 11, 2001, and Secretary of State Colin Powell said the coordinated strike had ``the earmarks of al-Qaida.''
``Terrorism strikes anywhere, everyone,'' Powell said. ``It is a threat to the entire civilized world.''


Pernel, you have been so accurate in your predictions lets tread some strange ground here, is there life on other planets? 

She replied frowning:  About life on other planets, man sure has a big ego doesn't he?  Think about it if there was not life on other planets, then that is sure a heck of a waste of space now isn't it?  We all ready know there is life on other planets, maybe not life as we know it, but yes, it does exist.

Update: June 23, 2003 

It was announced on June 1st. that they believe they will have proven the existence of life on other planets within the next 50-100 years.  Scientist are picking up more and more signals in this regard. 

Any other predictions?

She Replied: I've never done this before.  Usually I just tell people around me what is happening.  I am not worried about if I am right or wrong, I just want to help people to be safe.  If I am wrong with something I see and it is bad, then thank goodness I was wrong, I will celebrate that fact.  If I was right and someone listened and did not get hurt, then I am doing what I am meant to do, help.  ok, here are some things.


There is a major underlying current in the Universe for disaster.  People need to stop with sending out so much hate and start sending out some good thoughts.  Then things can begin to settle down.  People do not realize the power of the spoken word.

UPDATE: July 8, 2003

Many nations begin to call for peace in the world.  There was a riot condition in Michigan which lasted for days and resulted in major destruction.  It takes just a moment to look at what is happening in the world to realize that Pernel is right on this.  

This year will be a strange one. Two medical discoveries will be made that will assist many people with nerve damage and a form of cancer. 

UPDATE: June 23, 2003

It has been announced on CNN that they have discovered a method of assisting people with nerve damage for hearing loss.  They believe that they are going to be able to assist people who are deaf to be able to hear again.  They have also made similar breakthroughs with blindness.  

It has also been announced that they have made a break through with lung cancer and may have developed a method of treating most of the large cell lung cancer.  

There will be a lot of fighting in the world over political issues, money, and a struggle for power. 

UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2003

This is happening in many Middle Eastern Regions, where struggles for power are raging.  

 No, not the war with Iraq this is different and concerns bigger nations. 

In England there has been much concern over political issues, and there has been some power struggles as well.  

UPDATE: July 16, 2003: 

The power struggles continue with the United States calling for political people to leave their post before the U.S. will go into the country and take control of the situation.  

 There will also be a discovery about a major cover up by the government.  

UPDATE: June 23, 2003

It has been reported all over CNN that the United States knew that there was no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  The top leaders have been accused over and over again of going into the war and knowing there was nothing there.  The press is indicating that they covered up intelligence reports and continued with the war anyway.  

UPDATE: July 16, 2003

It was announced on CNN this morning that the President has made many mistakes in his announcements.  It is becoming clear that they cover up many of the facts about the war with Iraq, and they are still covering up facts to protect themselves.  People are beginning to call for investigations into the cover ups of the government.  

 For right now Jaden, this is enough.  If I get more, I will give them to you.