2006 Predictions that have happened

Predictions made Jan 01: 2006

* California be prepared for the spring, and even before the spring. It looks like it is going to be a rough one for you guys there. Wildfires will break out early, but there will also be mass flooding, storms, landslides and even a visit by an earthquake at some point.  Not going to be a good  there.  

Update Jan 12: 2006: California has been hit with a series of storms that have spawned tornadoes, flooding and landslides.   Weather officials were baffled as the storm moved through California and left a trail of devastation in it's path.  CNN News  

Update: Mar 7: 2006:  Disaster continue in California as large amounts of rainfall cause the levies to break two days after the Governor of the state said they would not hold up.  Flooding is occurring because of the break.  CNN News

Update: April 11: 2006:  SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- Rain was falling Tuesday in northern and central California, where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in seven counties that have been battered by storms and flooding.  In his emergency declaration Monday, Schwarzenegger warned that levees in the region had been seriously weakened by the storms and were in danger of breaking. The National Weather Service forecast rain through the weekend.  He said the area was facing "one of the top-five weather seasons on record" and it had put California on the precipice of disaster. The declaration directs all state agencies to make staff, equipment and facilities available to help the affected counties. It also will accelerate the flow of state money to local response agencies that have been straining to cope with the flooding and storms, said Eric Lamoureux, spokesman for the California Office of Emergency Services.  The record spring rainfall follows a wet winter. Schwarzenegger declared states of emergency in 34 counties in January. In February, he declared another state of emergency covering the state's fragile levee system.

* Bin Laden will rear his ugly head again connected with another bombing.  It will be followed by a tape confirming it was him and it will be a littler closer to home this time. 

Update: Jan 15: 2006: A bombing in Palestine this week caused several outcries of  protest against the United States.  It was thought that Bin Ladens no. 2 man was in the location.  Tapes released shortly after the bombing confirm that Bin Laden is alive, well and recent attacks have been by direct orders from him.

UUpdate Jan 19, 2006:   WASHINGTON (Jan. 19) - The CIA determined Thursday that the voice on a tape claiming preparation for an al-Qaida attack on the United States was that of Osama bin Laden, an agency official said.  Bin Laden is said to be preparing attacks on US soil in retaliation for the bombing in Palestine.  The tape claims several attacks are being planned.  AOL News and CNN News

* For the people in these areas, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and states around these, watch out for the tornadoes.  They are going to come on early like gangbusters.

Update: Jan 10: 2006: Kentucky and several surrounding states were placed under Tornado warnings as the skies grew dark.  The storms came through and dropped tornadoes on some locations in Kentucky as well as surrounding areas.  The storms thought to be out of season, seemed to come out of nowhere.  Cnn News

Predictions Made:  Feb 04:2006

*  Many reports will come out on a cure for the impending bird flu.  Scientist will dispute this because of its mutative forms.

Update: March 7: 2006: It has been reported that one company has a vaccine for the bird flu and are working on another one.  The scientist are saying this will be ineffective and what is needed is a blocker to stop it from mutaiting.  CNN News

* Tornadoes this year, OMG..They are like a thief in the night, coming out of no where and wrecking destruction where ever they hit.  They are Strong, wicked and no where is safe from them.  If you are under a tornado watch this year, take it seriously.

Update: March 11: 2006:  ST. MARY, Missouri (AP) -- Powerful tornadoes ripped across southern Missouri and southern Illinois during the night, destroying homes along a path of more than 20 miles and killing two people, officials said Sunday. It was not immediately clear how many tornadoes struck the area straddling the Mississippi River from Missouri into Illinois. The twisters were part of a long line of stormy weather that stretched from the southern Plains up the Ohio Valley   AOL NEWS

* Tensions will continue to mount between Iran and the rest of the world.

Update: March 7: 2006: Iran is not backing down and China and Russia are trying to block any sanctions imposed against them.   Iran says they are developing nuclear power for peaceful reasons and they need to enrich urinuim.  The battle goes on over their proposed plans as the U.S. states they re not intending to use it for peaceful reasons.  CNN News


Predictions made March 18: 2006

* Tornadoes will be hot and heavy this year.  They will drop in massive forms several at a time and wreck a lot of havoc on states.   (As Pernel stated in Feb. No one should take the tornado warnings  lightly this year)

Update March 31: 2006:  - A line of thunderstorms packing heavy rain, hail and high wind generated tornadoes as it moved through several Midwestern states, leaving at least three people injured.  The storms dropped golfball-sized hail, destroyed homes, knocked down power lines and tipped over trailers in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, authorities said late Thursday.  In central Kansas, a small tornado touched down near the town of Hutchinson, where officials said lightning or downed power lines may have sparked prairie fires that forced the evacuation of several homes. Winds overturned a semitrailer and damaged structures in the northeastern part of the state. One person was injured in a home when a tornado touched down in the community of Havana, said Joy Moser, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. The tornado then traveled northeast, overturning mobile homes at Elk City Lake before slamming into the community of Le Hunt.  A tornado that touched down near Papillion blew off sections of the Papillion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, officials said. Several out buildings were blown over on a farm south of Papillion.  In Iowa, tornadoes were reported near Creston in the southwestern part of the state and near DeSoto in central Iowa, said Craig Cogil, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Johnston. He said the thunderstorms brought winds reaching up to 80 mph.  AOL NEWS

Update: April 3: 2003: NEWBERN, Tenn. (April 3) - Thunderstorms packing tornadoes and hail as big as softballs ripped through eight states, killing at least 27 people, injuring scores and destroying hundreds of homes in the South and Midwest.  Tennessee was hit hardest, with tornadoes striking five western counties Sunday and killing 23 people, including an infant and a family of four. Severe thunderstorms, many producing tornadoes, also struck parts of Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Strong wind was blamed or at least three deaths in Missouri. A clothing store collapsed in southern Illinois, killing one man. About a half-dozen tornadoes struck Arkansas and one destroyed nearly half of the town of Marmaduke, according to a fire department official. About 30 miles from Newbern, a tornado caused extensive damage to the southeast Missouri city of Caruthersville, although Mayor Diane Sayre said there were no known deaths in the city of 6,700In mid-March, tornadoes spun off by another huge storm system killed nine people in Missouri and injured dozens in Illinois. Initial reports indicated that system was responsible for more than 100 twisters in five states from Oklahoma to Illinois, the National Weather Service said.  AOL NEWS

Update: April 8: 2006:  GALLATIN, Tenn. (April 8) - Emergency teams spray-painted damaged houses with "X" signs Saturday after checking them for bodies or survivors and crews moved in dump trucks to haul away the wreckage piled up by tornadoes blamed for 12 deaths Tornadoes were spotted in about 10 Tennessee counties on Friday, the second wave of deadly storms to hit the state in less than a week, weather officials said. The worst damage appeared to be in Gallatin and other suburbs northeast of Nashville.  Last weekend, thunderstorms spinning out dozens of tornadoes killed 24 people in western Tennessee and four others in Missouri and Illinois.  AOL NEWS

* Fires will be horrible this year and cause tremendous amounts of destruction.

Update: April 8:2006:  BORGER, Texas - Using bulldozers and air tankers, firefighters struggled Monday to stop wind-blown wildfires that scorched more than 1,000 square miles of the drought-stricken Texas Panhandle. The blazes were blamed for at least seven deaths, four of them in a crash on a smoke-shrouded highway over the weekend. About 1,900 people in seven counties were evacuated. " This has been a very deadly wildfire season, but Texas communities have shown strength, and we’re going to continue fighting these fires from the ground and from the air,” said Rachael Novier, a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry.   Eleven fires burned across an estimated 530,000 acres Monday, down from 663,000 over the weekend. State fire crews fought more than 160 blazes in one 24-hour period.  About 3.5 million acres — 2 percent of the state’s land mass — has burned.  AOL NEWS

* There will be a massive recall on an over the counter medicine

UPDATE APRIL 10: 2006:  Investigation of Serious Eye Infections Associated With Soft Contact Lens Use and Contact Lens SolutionThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are alerting health care professionals and their patients who wear soft contact lenses to an increasing number of reports in the United States of rare but serious fungal infections in the eye that can cause permanent loss of sight. Some patients have reported a significant loss of vision, resulting in the need for a corneal transplant. A fungus called Fusarium has been identified as the cause of the reported infections. As of April 9, 2006, 109 cases of suspected Fusarium keratitis are under investigation by CDC and public health authorities in 17 states of the U.S. A recall will follow for this product.  Bausch and Lomb has informed FDA that they are voluntarily stopping shipment of the ReNu Moisture Loc product while they are continuing to investigate the cause of these infections. Soft contact lens users who have existing supplies of the Renu Moisture Loc should use the product with caution and report any signs and symptoms of eye infection to their doctors.   FDA Website


* There will be a massive earthquake, higher than a 6 on the scale.

Update: March 31: TEHRAN, Iran (March 31) - Earthquakes and aftershocks rattled western Iran one after another, flattening villages and sending frightened homeowners into the streets. By Friday morning 70 people were dead, 1,200 wounded, and thousands homeless.  Hours later, around 11 p.m., a 5.1-magnitude quake struck Boroujerd and Doroud, the Iranian Seismological Center said, followed by a 6.1-magnitude quake just before 5 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Society. Aftershocks continued throughout the day.  AOL NEWS

*Two planes will collide mid air

UPDATE: APRIL 25: 2006:  WASILLA -- The two pilots involved in a midair collision Sunday of two small planes that killed all aboard, including three children, were accomplished aviators, according to their friends, employers and public records. David Beauregard, 45, of Wasilla captained 737-400s for Alaska Airlines, said airline spokeswoman Amanda Tobin of Seattle. Beauregard, who flew for the Army and then the Coast Guard before taking early retirement in 1996, worked for Alaska Airlines for 10 years, according to Tobin and others who knew him. He held ratings for all manner of aircraft, including gliders, helicopters and single- and multiengine fixed-wing aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration online registry. He was also an instructor. William Smoke, 55, was chief pilot for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a flight instructor and a commercial pilot, according to records and those who knew him." So between the two of them, both these guys had thousands and thousands of hours," said Clint Johnson, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator. Smoke's 1955 Cessna 172 and Beauregard's 1955 Cessna 170B collided at noon over the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge a mile south of Hayfield Road in Wasilla, according to Alaska State Troopers. Beauregard's widow, Diane, was en route home Monday from a trip Outside, said a family friend. Three of the couple's children perished with their father in the crash -- sons Ryan, 16, and Conner, 13, and daughter Remi, 9. The couple has two older surviving sons. A former Army and Coast Guard colleague described Beauregard as the consummate aviator, a dedicated family man and a likable guy. "I think we all strive to be someone like Dave," said Coast Guard Cmdr. Bob Philips of Kodiak. "I never heard him say a harsh word or terse word about anybody." Smoke, an experienced pilot and longtime Alaskan, leaves behind a wife and four children. Janis Smoke, his wife of 20 years, said through her tears that her husband was "first and foremost a family man." He also loved his job and loved piloting.
"He loved the whole Alaska lifestyle thing," she said. "We've got one of every toy in our yard." He is survived by his four children: Alex, 16, and Lindy, 18, both Alaska residents, and Michael and Becky, ages 25 and 27.Smoke was the regional aviation manager with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He had been a pilot with the service for 13 years but moved to Chugiak three years ago for the Anchorage job. Originally from Arlington, Wash., he had also lived and flown planes in Juneau, King Salmon and Tok. He was out doing a test flight, flying for fun, when the crash occurred, Janis Smoke said. Both pilots were members of the Birchwood squadron of the Alaska Civil Air Patrol, said Civil Air Patrol spokesman Mike Dryden. "Normally we're on the other end of the search. For two squadron members to be out flying (on a nonmission) and have a midair collision, the odds are astronomical," he said Monday. Beauregard was active in the tightknit group, especially in the glider program, which teaches young aviators, Dryden said. Smoke's membership lapsed in January, Dryden said. He said the two men undoubtedly knew one another.  CNN News


* A volcano thought dormant will erupt

Update: March 26: 2006

Bulusan, Philippines

On 21 March at 2258, a modest ash explosion occurred at Bulusan's summit crater. The phreatic explosion produced an ash cloud that rose ~1.5 km above the volcano (or 10,050 ft a.s.l.). Based on interpretations of seismic data, the event lasted ~20 minutes. It was accompanied by lightning and rumbling sounds. Ash drifted N, W, and SW of the volcano, and ~1 hour after the explosion light ash fell (producing ~5-mm-thick deposits) in Barangays (neighborhoods) Cogon, Tinampo, Gulang-Gulang, and Bolos in the town of Irosin. Ash also fell in Barangays Puting Sapa and Bura-Buran of Juban town, and other neighboring barangays under the municipalities of Irosin and Juban, Sorsogon. Three explosion-type earthquakes were also recorded on the 21st, at 2330, 2332, and 2337, but the accompanying eruptive events were not observed because the summit was obscured.  This volcano had been thought to be dormant.

Source: Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology - "Report provided courtesy of the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey's Volcano Hazards Program."


Prediction made Jan 02: 2006:


* Fires will be out of control this year with higher damage than years before.

Update: July01, 2006:  It was announced last night that the fire season this year is out of control.   In the last years season all total 1.6 million acres burned during the season.  This year so far an average of 3.36 million acres have all ready burned and the season is not even near its middle.  Cnn News

* There will be six major  hurricanes this year.  At least three of them will be major ones that will make landfall. 

Update: June 12: When Pernel did this prediction the first time on hurricanes it was on Jan:15: 2006:  Pernel said Hurricanes will start early and there will be at least 4 to 6 that hit landfall.  Ok Pernel, Right on here with the first hurricane hitting only NINE DAYS into the season!!  Jaden

Update June 12: 2006:  At 11 a.m., Alberto's winds had increased to 70 mph, up from 50 mph just three hours earlier. The storm was centered about 190 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola and was moving north-northeast at about 7 mph, National Hurricane Center forecasters said. The tropical depression that produced Alberto formed Saturday, nine days after the official start of the hurricane season, in the northwest Caribbean, which can produce typically weak storms that follow a similar track this time of year, forecasters said. It became a named storm when its sustained winds reached 39 mph. Scientists say the 2006 season could produce as many as 16 named storms, six of them major hurricanes.  AOL NEWS

Update: August 26: 2006: Hurricanes have been all over the place this year.  China has been hit with eight of them including 6 that have made landfall.  The last one was a super typhoon which slammed in to the country with the force of a nuclear bomb and forced the evacuation of millions of people.  Today almost to the one year annaversary of Katrina one churns on the same path it took.  CNN NEWS

* People in Indiana,  Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Kansas and Michigan be careful of lighting strikes out of nowhere and tornadoes that show up fast. 

Update June 12: 2006:  DAPHNE, Ala. (May 29) - Worried about the safety of her family during a stormy Memorial Day trip to the beach, Clara Jean Brown stood in her kitchen and prayed for their safe return as a strong thunderstorm raged through Baldwin County. Suddenly, lightning exploded, blowing through the linoleum and leaving a pockmarked area on the concrete. Brown wound up on the floor, dazed and disoriented by the blast but otherwise uninjured. "I said, 'Amen,' and the room was engulfed in a huge ball of fire," she said. "I'm blessed to be alive. "Brown, 65, was hit by a bolt of lightning that apparently struck outside and traveled into the house Monday afternoon. She doesn't know how much time passed while she remained disoriented on the floor before Jamie Matthews, her 14-year-old granddaughter, discovered her after returning from the beach. "I was just standing there when a huge ball of fire engulfed this whole room. I don't remember much after that," Brown said hours later as her family helped clean her home. "Concrete was everywhere." Brown was at home alone when the storm hit, while her husband, James Brown, was at the store and her son and his family were on their way back from the beach. James Brown said fire officials told him lightning likely struck across the street from the couple's home and traveled into the house through a water line. The lightning continued into the couple's backyard and ripped open a small trench, James Brown said. Pieces of concrete were scattered throughout the family's kitchen - ruining day-old brownies sitting on the stove. Never in my life did I think something like this could happen," James Brown told the Press-Register. "I always thought if you're in a house that you're safe. That's not the case."

* Heat, lots of heat this summer with record temps all over the place. 

WASHINGTON (June 22) - The Earth is the hottest it has been in at least 400 years, probably even longer.  The National Academy of Sciences, reaching that conclusion in a broad review of scientific work requested by Congress, reported Thursday that the "recent warmth is unprecedented for at least the last 400 years and potentially the last several millennia."  AOL NEWS

Caution: Deadly Heat Wave Reaches East Coast

August 1, 2006 — NOAA meteorologists blame an unusually strong ridge of high pressure that has been persistent for the last several weeks across much of the central and eastern U.S. for the cause of the heat. More than 50 new all-time high temperature records were established in the central and western U.S. during the last two weeks. The persistence of the unusually hot temperatures has made the past month one of the warmest since records began in 1895 for the contiguous U.S. NOAA will not know for another two days if the record warm national record set in July 1936 will be eclipsed.

Eastern U.S. Endures a Sweltering Day
Temperatures Top 100 in New York City

WASHINGTON (Aug. 2) - Record-breaking heat and oppressive humidity made people across the eastern half of the country miserable Wednesday and sent tourists in the nation's capital scrambling for relief in the cool marble halls of Capitol Hill.

The National Weather Service posted heat advisories and warnings from Maine to Oklahoma. Forecasters said the heat would linger until Thursday night, when a cool front was expected to bring temperatures down into the 80s.

* Expect shortages of electric in many places during the summer. 

Thousands Still Without Power in NYC
NEW YORK (July 25) - Thousands of residents entered their ninth day without electricity Tuesday, while the local utility worked around the clock to restore its service and its image.  Consolidated Edison said early Tuesday that about 2,000 customers in northwest Queens remained without electricity, a major improvement from the 25,000 affected at the height of the blackout but not enough to quell the anger over the outages. A customer can represent anything from a single-family home to an entire apartment building, roughly translated to four people per customer, meaning 100,000 people might have been affected.
Massive Blackout Continues in St. Louis


ST. LOUIS (July 24) - Nearly a quarter-million homes and businesses still had no electricity Monday as the city struggled to recover from last week's devastating thunderstorms.The blackout has kept air conditioners from cooling homes since Wednesday, while temperatures outside soared into triple digits. As of Monday morning, about 231,000 customers were still without power, according to Ameren Corp. That was down from the more than a half-million customers that lost power when the storms struck.
With about 4,000 utility workers from as far away as Arizona working around the clock to restore service, Ameren Vice President Richard Mark said 90 percent could have power again by Tuesday, with the rest expected to have electricity Wednesday.
The blackout has left emergency rooms across the region inundated with patients who rely on electricity for oxygen and other medical needs.


Major Utility Hires Guards to Defend Its Copper
DALLAS (July 26) - More people are risking their lives to steal copper, prompting TXU  Electricity Delivery to hire off-duty policeofficers and security personnel to protect the wire at some of its substations.TXU  Electricity Delivery said Wednesday it also will replace stolen copper with a less valuable metal, install lighting, update security systems at facilities and partner with local law enforcement to catch metal thieves."We are just ratcheting up security in response to what has been an exponential increase in the number of thefts we have been experiencing," said TXU spokeswoman Carol Peters. TXU lost $633,000 last year to copper theft, not including the cost of the accompanying power outages, she said. The company, a unit of TXU Corp., serves about 3 million homes and businesses. The price of copper has more than doubled in the past year, reaching historic highs. Thieves around the country are stealing pipes, water spouts, radiators and electrical and telephone wiring to sell to scrap metal dealers. Scrap prices for some coppers have been nearly $3.
Predictions Made Sept 01, 2006: 

*  Winter is coming up and this should be a wicked one.  Below normal temperatures and snow, lots and lots of snow.  It will be one of those winters that when it starts seems to go on forever.


Current predictions from Noaa are for a very mild winter.  Lets see who wins out here on predictions:) Jaden

Update: Oct 1: 2006:  During the last week of September, snow has all ready fallen in Montana, Colorado and Wyoming.

Update: Oct 13: 2006: BUFFALO, N.Y. (Oct. 13) -- A rare early October snowstorm left parts of the Great Lakes and Midwest blanketed with 2 feet of snow Friday morning, prompting widespread blackouts, closing schools and halting traffic.  The snow downed scores of tree limbs and toppled power lines, leaving more than 220,000 customers without electricity in western New York.By early Friday, 14 inches of snow had been recorded at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, with reports of 2 feet elsewhere, said Tom Paone, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The snowfall was expected to continue throughout the morning, he said.On Thursday, 8.3 inches of heavy snow set the record for the "snowiest" October day in Buffalo in the 137-year history of the weather service, said meteorologist Tom Niziol. The previous record of 6 inches was set Oct. 31, 1917. "This is an extremely rare event for this early in the season," Niziol said. Detroit also set a record, its for the earliest measured snow. On Thursday, the city broke by one day the mark set on Oct. 13, 1909.


* For the next few months it will seem as if there is violence everywhere.  An attack will be launched against US interest and this one will be a very bad one. 

* A 747 or larger aircraft will crash. 

Update: Sept. 30, 2006:

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (Sept. 30) - Brazilian air force pilots spotted the wrecked fusilage of a jetliner that crashed deep in the Amazon jungle on Saturday, and an aviation official said it was unlikely any of the 155 people aboard had survived.  If no survivors are found, it would be the deadliest air accident in Brazil's history. In 1982, a Vasp 747 crashed in the northeastern city of Fortaleza, killing 137 people.  AOL NEWS

* A very large bridge or similar will go down.

Update: Oct 1: 2006 

LAVAL, Quebec (Oct. 1) - Quebec provincial police said Sunday that at least five people were crushed to death in their cars after the collapse of an overpass near Montreal.  The cars were pulled out about 15 hours after Saturday's dramatic lunchtime accident when a 65-foot stretch of three lanes of a viaduct collapsed, sending several other vehicles crashing onto Highway 19 below. AOL NEWS


* There will be a major and unexpected earthquake. 

* There will be a death that will stun the world. 

SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) -- Steve Irwin, the enthusiastic "Crocodile Hunter" who enthralled audiences around the world with his wildlife adventures, died Monday morning after being stung by a stingray while shooting a TV program off Australia's north coast. Media reports say Irwin was snorkeling at Batt Reef, a part of the Great Barrier Reef about 9 miles (about 15 kilometers) from the town of Port Douglas, when the incident happened. Irwin, 44, was killed by a stingray barb that pierced his chest, according to Cairns police sources.  "The world has lost a great wildlife icon, a passionate conservationist and one of the proudest dads on the planet," Stainton told reporters in Cairns, according to The Associated Press. "He died doing what he loved best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. He would have said, 'Crocs Rule!'