Through out history there have been thousands of stories of angels coming to the aide of people. These wonderful beings have helped people to come to terms with things that are happening in their lives and in many cases; the angels have saved the life of the person they have visited. They live within you and are waiting to help you; all you need to do is ask.

To reach your angels you must first have a better understanding of yourself. This is a very hard exercise to do, as you must be completely honest with yourself. It is going to be uncomfortable, and at times it may even be painful so try to make yourself as relaxed as possible. Go to a quiet room and either sit in a chair or lie down, whichever makes you feel comfortable. Clear your mind of all the thoughts of the day. Breathe slowly and relax. Then begin to think of all the events of your life. You may have been through a divorce, your children may be giving you trouble, or you may be, just plain lonely. Whatever your circumstances are, start thinking them over, not just in the present, but also the past. Who is involved and how have they hurt you? Now comes the really hard part. You have to forgive them with love. It is not enough to just say that I forgive you and not really feel it; you have to forgive them with total love. When you have done this, remember there is one other person that you have to forgiveÖ. Yourself. Maybe you feel that you arenít successful enough or that you should be doing this or that and arenít doing it right. Whatever the case, you have to forgive yourself also with love.

When you are doing this exercise if you are having problems, ask the angels to guide you. You could call upon the angel of truth and honesty to help you to see which people you need to forgive. Sometimes situations are to painful to go back through so if you run into any of them, skip over them until you can talk with the angels and then ask them to help you to re write the situation so that it is easier to handle.

There are several different angels that you can contact. There is the angel of prosperity that can help you to figure out what is going on with the financial aspects of your life. There are also the angels of death and rebirth, truth and honesty, relationships, and many others. Ask your angel guide to take you to the angel of your choice, or just to the angel that can help you the most even if you donít know which one that is.

Go into a room and sit or lie down. Make sure the room is quiet and that you wonít be disturbed. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Ask your angel guide to take you to the angel you have chosen. Breathe deeply and relax. It may take several attempts to get through to the angels, donít be discouraged and give up. Keep on trying. Don't be afraid. They have been known to appear not just in the Mind State but to actually show up in the room. Make sure to keep a notebook by you so that you can write down what they tell you right after the meditation while it is still fresh in your mind.

In mediation try to imagine what the angel will look like. The angels do not always appear as the beautiful, mystical beings that we are use to seeing in books. They may appear as regular people and be dressed in many different colors other than white. You may see only shadows or slivers of silver wing tips. You may see swirling mist of clouds and only hear their voices. We ask you to try to imagine what they will look like as this will give the angels an idea of what you expect of them and they will take it from there. Make sure that you remember that they often appear in the psychical realm also. While you are trying to contact them, they may appear before you and ask you what you want. Again, try not to be afraid. They are not there to harm you in any way; they have only come at your request and to help you. Be gracious and ask your questions. They will try and make you as comfortable as they can.

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