How to contact angels 2 

Even though what you are seeing may be only in your mind, make no doubt about it; what you are seeing is real. Sometimes when you have serious doubts about what they are telling you, they may let you know in the physical realm that it is real. One of my friends didnít believe what the angels had told him and scoffed at them. An angel appeared before him and asked him why he refused to believe. He told him that he needed to be able to see and feel the angel in the physical realm so the angel walked up to him and shook him hard. Then the angel asked him if that was physical enough and vanished. Another lady wrote and told me that she really doubted that she was actually talking to the angels. She woke up during the middle of the night and an angel was sitting on her bed. She was startled and asked the angel what he wanted. The angel looked at her and explained that he wanted to make sure that she was real and that he was really talking to her. She realized at once what her mistake had been and apologized to the angel. Since then she has had many deep conversations with the angels and all doubts were removed.

Once you have established contact with the angels, they will offer advice, give you consolation, and help you to understand all the circumstances that are happening in your life. They help us to remove many of the bad things that have happened in our past by taking us back to them and helping us to walk through the experience. They will show you why it happened and what would have happened if things had been done differently. This helps to remove the emotional baggage that keeps us from living life to the fullest and with happiness. The angels can help you to reach higher levels of enlightenment, help to heal your body, mind and soul. Take the time and try to get to know them. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

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