Q. Isnít it true that psychics will keep you on the line as long as they can to make more money and rip you off?

A: It is very unfortunate that some Psychics will do that. When you call me I ask you how long of a reading you wish to receive.  I watch the clock and will tell you when the time is up.  I charge simply because web sites are expensive to maintain, not to become rich, and have tried to make sure that everyone who needs help can get it.  That is why you can get a question answered for $5.00.   

Q. Your refund policy states that you do not give cash refunds or accept charge backs from credit cards, why is that?

A: This was a business decision. KRYSTALNET is an information-based business. We do not give cash refunds or accept credit card charge backs as there is nothing that can be returned. We will do our best to make sure that if a problem arises it is taken care of to our customerís satisfaction.

Q. How do you know your gift is from God and not the Devil? The bible says there will be no more Prophets.

A: To begin with, I am not a  not Biblical Prophet. I do not predict things of Biblical proportions, but am only able to see what is happening in an individualís life. Because I am able to see, I  know the gift is from God. When I see it is in light, not darkness. I am also not able to use the gift for evil, only good.

Q. Do you feel that God chooses you because you can see things?

A: No. I believe that all people have the ability to see things but some people have developed it more than others.

Q. Tell the truth, you guys just sit there and make guesses and hope you are right about some of it.

A: To say that would not be true, so sorry I canít do that. When I talk to you I am  actually able to see what is going on. Sometimes I get stronger feeling about some people compared to others, but it is not a guessing game, or random stabbing in the dark.

Q. If you honestly can see, why arenít you always right about what you see?

A: No psychic is 100 percent accurate. If we were, then we would be fakes and would have researched your background before we talked to you. We receive hundreds of images. Most of them make no sense to us, they arenít meant to, they are only there to make sense to you. Sometimes images will come through that make no sense to you at the time and later you may remember them, or a family member knows what they are, but usually I am about 98 percent accurate.



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