NOTE: John and Rachel had been saving for five years to purchase the house of their dreams. When they had saved almost enough money, Rachel discovered that she was pregnant with their first child. They had searched until they found a beautiful Cape Cod styled house that would fit into their budget. John knew that they would need an extra bedroom with the baby coming, so he contracted to have an addition put on the house while they used the rest of the time on their leased apartment. Little did he know that the addition of that bedroom would be the biggest mistake of his life?

John drove the rented van into the driveway. He was not the most skilled driver at handling large vans, but he knew that it would save them a lot of money if they moved their things themselves, so he was doing the best he could at maneuvering the 14-foot van. John swung the van around to the front of the house and Rachel jumped out. She helped him back the van into the proper position so that he could pull down the ramp. It took several tries, but John was finally able to get the van into the right position. He jumped out of the cab to go set up the ramp.

Rachel had already gone into the house. She wanted to make sure that the lights were on and that the heat got turned up. Michigan winters could be brutal, and she did not want to take the chance of getting sick while she was six months pregnant. So far she had been having an easy pregnancy and she intended to make sure it stayed that way.

Rachel walked into the kitchen and turned the thermostat to seventy degrees. She stopped to look at the kitchen. She knew exactly where everything was going to go. Every since she had first stepped inside the front door, she had the feeling that she was meant to be here. It was hard for her to describe, but she had known almost before she stepped into the house exactly what it would look like inside. She had just chalked it up to five years of dreaming. Now that she owned it, she no longer thought about the strange events that had brought them to this place. They had found it on their own, and it had not been for sale the day they had seen it, but when they mentioned it to their realtor he had just gotten the listing on it that very same day. Some how she had seen that as a sign that they were meant to be there, so they put in an offer that was quickly accepted.

John came in lugging a box of dishes. When he seen Rachel standing in the middle of the kitchen staring into space, he pretended to trip with a box of dishes. "Oh! Help! This is your mother's good china and it is going to smash!" Rachel snapped out of her thoughts and turned quickly to face John and catch the flying china. She turned a little flushed when she discovered that John had just been joshing her and was standing there with the dishes in his hands.

Over the next several hours they busied themselves unloading the truck and trying to find the things that they would need right away. They set up the bed in the new addition and after grabbing a hamburger at a fast food place, they returned and went straight to bed. It only took a matter of moments for them to fall into an exhausted sleep.

Sometime during the night, Rachel began dreaming. She was lying in her coffin and looking up at the ceiling. She could hear people moving about, but she could not see anyone. She was aware that they were sliding the lid of the coffin into place. She heard them pounding nails into the coffin and the thought hit her that they do not use nails in coffins anymore.

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