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Rachel felt a sharp kick in her stomach. "The baby is moving quite a bit today," she thought, and then it hit her. They were burying her with the baby still alive inside her. "How can this be?" she thought. "Surely I would have been embalmed and they would not have embalmed me with my child still alive!" The baby kicked again and panic seized her. She began to struggle against the confines of the cramped coffin. She tried to scream but her screams were only choked hisses. There was something stuffed in her mouth. She felt the coffin being moved. She thrashed violently, throwing herself from side to side, trying to alert the people carrying the coffin that there was something wrong. "Maybe, just maybe," she thought "If I can rock this thing enough they will realize that they need to take another look inside." She rocked violently but no one seemed to notice. She felt the coffin being lowered into the ground. She tried to regain control of herself. She heard the dirt being shoveled on to the top of the coffin. She could still see some light. "How can I see light?" she thought, "That's impossible. Coffins are lined and sealed!" It was then she realized her hands hurt and that she could taste blood in her mouth. She wasn't dead! They were burying her alive! "God No! This can't be happening!" Tears began to pour down her face. "Who would want to do this to me? Couldn't they see that I'm pregnant? Why would they want to kill me and my baby" She felt the baby stir inside her again. She had managed to free one hand and reached up to the lid of the coffin. It was made of wood. Loose dirt spilled through the cracks falling onto her face and hair. She began to sob violently. Cold sunk into her bones, and darkness surrounded her. She began to slip into its sweet release.

Rachel sat upright in the bed. She was having trouble breathing and her screams were nothing more than horse hisses. She was shaking violently and sobbing her heart out. She reached down and wrapped her arms around her swelling stomach. As if on cue, the baby gave her a sharp kick. "It was only a dream," she thought, "It was only the most vivid and horrible dream that I have ever had!" She sat their rocking slowly back and forth hugging her stomach. The terror of the dream still had her in its grasp. She could not shake the horrible feeling of being trapped in that coffin with no way out and knowing that the little life inside of her was never going to take its first breath. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed. The thought of loosing her child was more than she could bear.

Rachel's sobbing woke John. He reached over to hold his wife and found her close to hysterics. "Honey what wrong? You're as cold as ice! What is wrong?" Rachel fought for control as she tried to shake off the last remaining remnants of the dream. "Oh my God," she whispered, "I've just had the most horrible nightmare that I have ever had!" John asked her if she wanted to talk about it and she replied she didn't. He put his arms around his wife and drew her close to him. He was amazed to see that there was bits of ice and loose dirt in her hair. He said nothing, just wondered and tried to soothe her fears.

The next day the events of the previous night had been wiped from their minds. They spent the day doing errands and putting the house together. For the next several days things remained peaceful and there were no further nightmares. Both of them were settling into their new house and making plans for their baby.

The fourth night that they were there, John was awakened during the night by the feeling that there was someone in the house. He kept hearing his name being called as he emerged out of a dream state. He quickly sat up in bed and reached for the light. He pilled the chord on the lamp, but the light did not come on. Silently he cursed to himself. He began to reach down to see if the light had somehow become unplugged but as soon as he leaned over the bed, he seen her.

The floor had opened up on the side of the bed and she was lying there staring up at him. He tried to recoil away from the horror of her face when her hand snaked up and grabbed him around the neck. "Come here and give me a kiss," she hissed. John felt panic rise up inside of him as he felt the bony hand tighten around his neck and he stared into the eye-less sockets as they approached nearer to his own face. He struggled to free himself from the hag's grasp. Suddenly she opened her mouth and an odor so vile come out of it that John began to fight off waves of nausea. Frantically he tried to free himself from the

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