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grip of the old hag. He was struggling with all his strength, but he seemed no match for the hideous thing that held him in its grasp. One of his arms was yanked off the bed and he began to fall to the ground. He tried to regain his balance and to his horror he shoved his hand right through the rotting chest. As the face drew closer to his, "Kiss me," the hag demanded. He could see a filthy rag shoved into the mouth and black bugs crawled out of the mouth and nose freely. Some skin still clung to the face and this remaining skin was covered with maggots. The eye sockets were hollow and a large earthworm slithered out of one and fell down the cheek. John screamed in horror. He was almost completely off the bed now and was being pulled closer to the corpse. His breath was coming in short spasms and his heart was hammering in his chest. Finally he lost the battle and was pulled from the safety of his bed into the open grave and the fate that awaited him there. "Noooo!" John screamed. He closed his eyes and waited to be swallowed up into the rotting, worm infested corpse. He was waiting for the corpse to do the vile things that he was sure it intended to do and when nothing happened after a couple of minutes, he slowly opened his eyes. The lamp that had not worked earlier was burning brightly by the bed. He looked up and seen Rachel leaning over the side of the bed and giggling at him. Embarrassed, John climbed back into bed. "Maybe we should get some rails for the bed," Rachel teased. John did not answer. He turned onto his side and tried to shut out the picture of the rotting corpse from his mind.

The next morning, John was cranky and irritable. He could not get the events of the following evening out of his mind. If it had been a dream, it had been the most real dream that he had ever had in his life. He was a logical person and did not believe in ghosts. As the day progressed he began to feel better and convinced himself that it was just the stress of moving into a new house. Slowly, the images began to fade.

Rachel set bout the task of setting up the house. An uneasy feeling had settled over her after John had left for work that morning and try as she might, she could not shake the awful feeling. She went into the baby's room and started to pull out the things she needed to start setting it up. She had been working on the dresser for about an hour when the bedroom door slammed shut on her. Startled, she just stood there and looked at the door. "Must have been the wind," she thought, and walked over to the door to open it again. The door locked as she approached it. "This is impossible!" she thought, "There is no one else in the house and doors do not lock themselves!"

She started to work on the door handle to get it open and she heard a rattling behind her. She spun around and seen the dresser shaking. The drawers flew open and the clothes she had just put away began to fly out of the dresser. The babies crib began bouncing and dancing around the room. The window shades rattled, unpacked boxes flew open and their contents spilled onto the floor. The entire room looked as if it had been inserted into a wind tunnel with the things flying about and bouncing all over the place. Rachel slid down to the floor to avoid being hit by flying debris. She was terrified. She did not know what was happening and her only thought was to get out of the room. A baby started screaming and the crib danced more violently. Then music began playing from somewhere and a loud pounding started on the walls. Rachel jumped up and began pounding on the door and screaming for help. Suddenly the noise stopped. Rachel grabbed the door handle and flung the door wide open. When she turned and glanced around the room, everything was exactly where she had left it. Frightened and confused, she fled the house.

By the time John got home from work, Rachel had returned to the house. She had gone to a restaurant and gotten a cup of hot cocoa to settle her nerves. She had told herself that she was overworked and her imagination had gone wild on her. She thought it must have been stress caused by being pregnant and moving into the new house. After a while, she felt calmer and went home to make dinner. They spent a quiet evening together and retired early.

During the night, John felt a pressure on his chest. He had the feeling he couldn't breath. He tried to sit up in bed, but he was unable to move. He heard someone sobbing but he couldn't quite place where it was coming from. He was aware of the fact that he was half-awake and half-asleep and he fought to bring himself into full alertness. The sobbing became louder. He opened his eyes and tried to raise his hands to

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