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wipe the sleep from them, but his hands would not move. Then he bolted awake as he realized the sobbing he heard was coming from Rachel and she was pleading for his help.

Rachel was suspended three feet over the bed. Her body was turning around slowly. She could not get down. John was pinned to the bed and he could not help her. Banging started on the walls and they could hear a baby screaming. They both saw her. She was standing at the foot of the bed leering at them.

The hag slid on the bed underneath Rachel. She turned and looked at John. "Come and give me a hug and a kiss," the gaping mouth of the corpse hissed at John. "I have waited so long for a hug and a kiss!" She took a bony finger and traced the outline of John's cheek with it. She drew him closer. "We are the same", she hissed, "You are part of me and I need you!" The hag crawled up onto John's chest. She put her face only inches from his and attempted to kiss him.

John screamed in horror! The worm eaten face approached his. Maggots dropped onto his chest and wriggled there. He could smell the vile odor and it's assault on his senses threatened to expel the contents of his stomach. He could feel the corpse touch his face with her own. His nausea overwhelmed him and he began vomiting. He turned his head violently to avoid the hag's face. He tried desperately to throw the hag off him. Tear streamed down his face and when he looked up he seen Rachel still suspended over the bed, only now she was facing him and watching the assault. Her face was a mask of pure terror and disgust. John had never felt so helpless in his life before and the feeling sickened him. He was totally powerless to help himself or his wife. He closed his eyes to stop the steady flow of tears and silently prayed for help.

The attack was over as quickly as it had begun. Rachel fell heavily on the bed and John was able to move again. The pounding on the walls stopped. Rachel and John held on to each other tightly and cried. Both of them were to exhausted and frightened to speak. The following morning, John called in sick to work. There had not been any further incidents during the night, but he had not been able to fall back to sleep. He got up and made a pot of strong coffee and was finishing off the pot when Rachel walked in. The lack of sleep showed clearly on her face. She looked as if she had aged ten years overnight. John motioned for her to sit down and poured her a cup of tea. John looked at his wife and simply said, "We have to talk." Rachel only nodded in agreement

John told his wife that he did not believe in ghost, but there was definitely something going on here. He had thought about it, then he had decided to call in a psychic to tell them if there was a real problem or if it was some sort of mass hallucination that the two of them were going through. Before Rachel had even gotten out of bed, John had looked up the number for a psychic research center and he placed the number on the table in front of Rachel. He told her that he could not call as he would be unsure of what to tell them and he asked her is she would mind making the call for them. Rachel picked up the phone and dialed the number that he had placed in front of her.

When Sarah first received the call, she thought she was dealing with some kind of nut case. What kind of person would call and say that a corpse had attacked them during the night. She only listened to the call at first because her morning was slow and she needed something to laugh at. Then as Rachel began relating the dreams and the other strange things that had been going on, Sarah began to listen more intently. She could not get over the genuine terror in Rachel's voice. She asked Rachel if she knew if there was any history with the house as far as there having been any murders committed there or if there had been any other para normal activity in the house. When Rachel told her that she did not know, Sarah assured her that it was not all that important. She agreed to come over to their house that afternoon to see if there was anything she could do for them. As soon as she hung up the phone, she called and got all the information she could on their house. There was nothing out of the ordinary that had ever happened there. By five o'clock that evening, a disappointed Sarah was leaving to get ready to go over to the house. "Well if nothing else," she thought, "It will be a night out." She closed the door to her office and started for John and Rachel's house.

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