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As soon as Sarah entered the house, she felt the presence. She was a psychic and a Para physiologist. She had never felt a presence as strong as this one before and it unnerved her a little. She asked to be taken to the room where all the incidents had occurred. John led her to the doorway and said, "I'm sorry, I can't, " he glanced at the door, "I hope you understand, I simply can't go back into that room!" Sarah just smiled reassuringly at John and shut the door behind her.

Before Sarah had gotten to the house, she had intended just to go sit in the room for a little while and come out and tell them that their problem was solved. Now she knew she would not be doing that. As soon as she entered the room, the temperature fell to freezing. She went over to the bed and pulled off the comforter and wrapped it around her. Then she sat on the edge of the bed to wait. Within minutes an odor so vile filled the room that she began to gag. She covered her nose with the comforter. The banging started on the walls almost at the same time the odor filled the room. Now a baby began screaming and things began flying all over the room.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Sarah demanded. A dresser drawer flew at her head. "I want to know who you are and what you want!" Sarah demanded again. This time a hissing voice answered with, "My child, I want my child!"

Sarah diverted her attention to the sound of the voice. The hag was standing in the corner of the room. Sarah stifled a scream when she seen her. "What child?" Sarah asked. "Do you think that the baby that Rachel is carrying is yours?" The hag raised her hand and hurled a vase from across the room at Sarah's head. "They have brought you here to keep me from my child," the hag hissed. "No that is not true!" Sarah screamed as she ducked from the vase that had been hurled at her. "I am a psychic and they brought me here to see if there was anything I could do to help you, not to hurt you in any way." "You are a seer?" the hag inquired. "Yes" Sarah answered, "I am a seer". "Then you will see," the hag hissed and started across the room towards Sarah.

When the hag reached where Sarah was sitting on the bed, she reached out and grabbed Sarah. "You will see, and tell and let all know the truth," the hag hissed. Sarah tried to back away, but the hag held her firmly in her grasp. She felt the hag enter into her and tried to resist but she could not. She felt herself looking through the hag's eyes.

She was young and beautiful. Her family had arranged for her to marry a man that she did not love. He was mean tempered and drank too much. Soon after they married she discovered that she was pregnant. Her husband did not handle the news well at all. He began to taunt her. He hated the child that she carried, as he did not believe it was his. He knew that she did not love him and was certain that she had a lover on the side. He found himself a girlfriend in town and the two of them plotted to kill his wife and the child that she was carrying. His new girlfriend assured him that she would never have a child by anyone other than him and she fed his hatred of his wife and child.

They overpowered her when she was sleeping. They hauled her down to the basement where they had constructed a rough casket out of pine and slats. They threw her into the casket and drove her into the country. She begged and pleaded for her child's life, but they only laughed at her. When they got to the spot they had picked out, they threw her casket into a shallow grave and covered it with loose dirt. Then they drove off together without a second glance over their shoulders.

She had gone into labor in the casket. She knew she could not give birth to the baby in there as they had bound her legs together. She managed to get one of her hands free and ripped off a piece of wood from the lid of the casket. She began using the wood to cut through her stomach to get her baby out. She moved quickly as she knew the pain could cause her to pass out and both of them would die. She grabbed her child and cut the chord. She then ripped off a piece of cloth from her shirt, kissed her little girl goodbye and shoved her through the boards to the top of the grave. She could hear the sweet sounds of her child crying as she prayed for her safety and surrendered to death.

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