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Ghost story, Page 6


The sounds of the child screaming were picked up by a near by farm dog who began to raise all kinds of a fuss. Finally his owner comes outside to see what the dog was fussing about and he picked up a faint sound. He turned the dog loose and they followed the sound to its source. Fear and surprise overtook the man when he seen the little girl lying naked in the moonlight. He scooped her up quickly and ran back to his house. His wife tended to the baby while he called the authorities. When no mother could be found, the farmer and his wife adopted the child and raised her as their own. The little girl was John's grandmother.

The hag had led them to the house. When she appeared and tried to get John to hug and kiss her, she had simply wanted to hold her great-grandson. She had not meant to frighten them, but she had been lying for so long in an unmarked grave that she could not find any peace. She showed Sarah that her husband was finally arrested for murder, but not hers. They caught him when he killed his second wife when she got pregnant. The cops suspected that he had killed her too, but he would never tell them where the body was and never admitted to her murder.

The hag let go of Sarah. It was then that Sarah noticed the room was full of smoke. She slid to the floor as she could not see and knew she had to find a way out of the room. She could hear John banging on the door, but she could not find it. Suddenly the smoke parted and the hag stood pointing at the door. "Seer, you will not die. Go and tell them what you have seen. Tell them to find my body and to bury me where someone knows where I am." When she finished speaking, the door flew open and Sarah found herself out in the hall.

Rachel called the fire department, but there wasn't anything they could do. The house burned to the ground. When they brought in the dozers to clear the lot, they unearthed a body. The cops were called to the scene and John and Rachel told them what Sarah had told them. Eventually, they put the case on the books as an unsolved murder case, with the hags husband as the prime suspect.

John claimed the body. They picked out a nice plot on the top of a hill next to John's mother's grave. The site overlooked a little pond. They purchased a beautiful headstone with "beloved grandmother" written on it. John, Rachel and Sarah stood by the gravesite and watched as the coffin was lowered into place.

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