Letters to the CIA 

by Dr. Pernel Dove

Psychic, Medium 





Iíll give you one thing I picked up as being a psychic the other night. The President is the next target.

(This was announced on CNN on October 10, 2001) 


 That weirdo Bin Laden has targeted him. He is telling people in his ranks to get him, any way they can and he is offering a lot of things, and money to anyone who does. 

(This was announced on CNN on Oct. 15, 2001) 

He is scared and like a trapped animal, he is desperate. They are not finished over here in the United States by a long run. Even now, they are planning how to strike at us again. They have been thinking about getting their hands on small aircraft and plunging them into nuclear power plants, bridges, buildings and other targets. Look at how easy they are to obtain.

(This was announced on CNN on Sept. 25, 2001) 


 Another thing they planned on doing is with chemical warfare. They have hundreds of people over here in our own back yards right now who have been working into positions where they can do a lot of damage. Trucks they were told to get truck driving jobs, go to the schools, get hazardous waste permits. Why? Simple, to drive the damned things right down our throats. Try running a few thousand trucks into federal buildings loaded with hazardous waste, dumping some of it into lakes, water supplies..hey, America is on itís way to its knees huh. 

(It was announced on CNN on Sept. 28 2001 that they had been trying to get trucks to attack us.  ) 

 There is also another area which they plan to assault which can do a lot of damage to America, telecommunications. They have been trying to get people into computers, learn hacking, learn how to get through our defense systems. This can be a major disaster. If they can hit us with this, they can disable America as we depend on it so much. Take out the electric, hit the telecommunications, not on a large scale at first, but small then work their way up into large business and wham, can you imagine if they got a hold of our satellites?

(It was announced on Sept. 29 on CNN that they discovered they were trying to hack the telecommunications networks)

This man is totally insane, but he is also very clever, very smart and he has a war on his hands. He did not expect this reaction as nothing was done about the other attacks. He figured we would not dare go after him as there is too much unrest in the Middle East he figured it would start world war there if we did. Now though he is paranoid. A lot of money is on his head and he is not sure who to trust anymore. He is hiding lower in the depths of his network, and he actually thought of shaving, changing his appearance and even trying to smuggle right here under our noses. He is planning on fleeing the country, being on the move through the underground and making himself harder to find and get a hold of.

(This has been announced on CNN over and over for the course of 2001-2003) 

Letter Two November 8, 2001

Anyway, if you did not throw my last letter in file 13, then you have noticed everything I told you that was coming up did, except Bin Laden zapping here to the USA. When you catch him, you may find out that was right also, but it is doubtful if you will get him alive. Here are a few more tid bits I picked up as a psychic.

(It has been speculated by many news channels, that Bin Laden has been in the United States since the attacks, but no proof has been given as to this yet) 

Some people think Bin Laden is not very smart. Actually, he does not have to be. He has enough advisors who can help him with his thinking. OK, now bear with me here a little bit. If you really want to bring the United States to its knees, where do you hit? Electric. Think about it (they are). If you go to these little power plants, not the big major ones, the small ones, they are usually unattended, anyone can walk right up to them and place a bomb there. So, with just 20 guys in some of the largest cities in the world they can put bombs on the small power plants, ya know the transformer ones, go to the communications towers for radio or cell phones, or even TV. broadcasting towers. Throw a few bombs there on a timer, go have lunch and hit the timers all at the same time. Now, what happens? The people do not have electric, they are not able to find out what is going on. They cannot get any money from the banks, cannot go get groceries, canít get gas, have no lights, the food on hand goes bad as there is no way they are going to replace these plants over night. Everything we have is run on electric. If they can hit some of the large cities this way, take down some of the towers, hey America is in deep trouble. This allows them more freedom also as they can go about doing other things then that can cause some real damage. Why do you think they were after the Nuclear Power plants? They planned to get the small planes, fill them full of gas and dive bomb the things. OK, so they canít do that now, (maybe) small planes are hard to fly..but it is easy to make a bomb and hit the small transformers. Level them and your going to have panicked citizens and problems all over the place.

(This was announced several times during December 2001 through current times in 2003 that they were on alert for such attacks to happen as they had received threats concerning them). 

The threats to the large bridges are very real. That is one of the first things I seen after the small planes thing. Now, People think they plan on just driving a truck on them and taking them down with explosives. This is not the case. To take down a bridge that size, you would need a lot of explosives. Now, take four or six sailboats, speed boats or what ever, load them full of stuff and sail them right into the main pillars, you have a problem. These boats are not that easy to detect, and many of the people over here all ready have them anyway. They are also very easy to rent for a few days. Do you actually think someone who has a boat for private sale is going to question someone who comes up and buys it from them for cash? Who pays attention to those sales anyways? The coast guard will if they are acting weird, but until they do something wrong to get caught, no one bothers with them.

(Since Dec. 2001 through current times, there have been several attempts on the large bridges.  There has been major speculation of small sail boats being loaded with explosives hitting them.  This has been on CNN  several times). 

The press is talking about not wanting Bin Laden to get his hands on nuke material. Sorry to say, he all ready has. According to the last reports I read from "The Union of Concerned Scientist" there are thousands of pounds of nuclear material missing right here in the United States. The stuff is not hard to purchase on the black market, and trust me, he has a pretty good supply of it. The good thing is he does not know how to use it, but some of his advisors do. There are also nuclear materials missing from many countries. Now, if a collage boy can go into the library and obtain the materials from books to effectually create a dissertation for making an atom bomb, then doesnít it stand to reason that some of his people can do the same thing?

(It has been announced on CNN since December 2001 that Bin Laden has nuclear materials, that several countries are missing materials, and that Bin Laden's people know how to use it to make "Dirty Bombs" ) 

They are doing a lot of planning. I am not so worried about the bio chemical threats like anthrax or the small pox. That is one of the last things on their minds. They have messed around with it, killed some of their own people and animal's in experiments, but actually, they are worried about it also. They do not like the idea of it being on the loose. The letters sent with the stuff in them, it will be found out they have terrorist links yes, but they are not out on a large scale thing for it here. They wanted the small planes for bombs, not bio chemical warfare. 

(This was announced on CNN in Feb. 2002) 

One more thing. If you hear Bin Laden is dead, do not believe it ok. They are thinking about faking his death, making it really nasty too. Like he is killed in a strike or something. Oh well, to beat a terrorist, you have to think like a terrorist and after a few hours listening to these guys thoughts, I am ready for a few Tylenol lol. Oh, before I forget, one thing I seen really disturbed me. We are not going to hold off for their holy season. so why should they for ours? Christmas is coming up, everyone is in a good mood, celebrating, traveling, doing all sorts of things and going to church. Perfect time to create some chaos here right, they think so. That is going to be one time of the year to really watch as they are thinking of how to get us during our holy season and recreate terror in the u.s.

(Bin Laden assumed to be dead from 2001-2002.  Then he arises from the grave with a series of tapes.  It was announced that there was planned attacks for the Christmas seasons for 2001 and 2002 on CNN, and terror alerts were raised to high levels)  

I was sitting here the other night and watching and I seen like a small aircraft or something hit the side of a large plane. I could not figure out why the plane blew apart from the side at first, then it dawned on me, it was hit in the side by something, like a small aircraft and the smaller plane was loaded with some type of poison that rained down on the city below. This didnít make sense to me either as I figured what ever the contents of the smaller plane was, it would be consumed in the fire. Now what bothered me the most is that the plane hit the larger plane shortly after take off or landing..not sure which as I donít  fly. That also didnít make a lot of sense to me as I figured the smaller aircraft would have problems getting close to the large planes from major airports. Anyways, it did not stop what I was seeing. The large plane was red and white and to be honest, I donít know one plane from another. I could not see a lot of the plane from the outside, just that it was very big and what ever hit it hit just before the wing section and blew it apart. 

This is interesting, Pernel wrote this letter on November 8th, She mailed it on November 10th.  The Air Buss (Flight from New York that went down and crashed in New York City shortly after take off apparently caused by turbulence)  was hit in the side by it's own wing on November 12th shortly after take off.  The air buss which blew apart rained down over New York city and hit several houses. The object she seen hit the plane in the side was it's own wing and it was full of poison, jet fuel.  It did not burn up before it reached the ground.  The letter mailed to the CIA did not reach them until after the fact of this plane crash when nothing could have been done to prevent it.)   

During the course of the time in between the two letters, Pernel made these predictions.  


At dinner with several people around Pernel said, "look, the bridge has collapsed.  It is dark time and the people can't see it is out and they are driving right off it!"  Two days later a major bridge collapsed in the middle of the night and people drove right off the bridge into the water. 

Pernel  woke up in the middle of the night screaming, "The trains, they  have got to stop the trains!!"  People went running in to see what was going on and she screamed, "stop the trains, they are going to hit each other."  Then she fell right back to sleep.  On the news at 6 the following morning, two Amtrak trains had hit each other head on. 

In June of 2002 Pernel made this prediction:  

There is a new illness coming from Asian countries.  It will strike suddenly and they will not be able to find it's cause for a few months.  It will hit young and old and will spread through the world.  It will be like the flu, but not the flu and will hit hard on the lung areas, like pneumonia but still not the same.  Some who get it will live, some will die and it will hit children very hard. 

(This illness was announced on all Broadcasting systems during Feb. 2003.  It is now being called SARS)