Light Beings



What is a Light Being?  This depends on who you ask.  Some people think they are Dimensional Beings, some people think they are us in our higher forms, others think they are spirits. 

Since I was a small child light beings have been a big part of my life.  When I asked them if they are Angles they informed me they are not.  They told me that they are holy souls, some of them have lived and some of them have not.  They assist with peoples problems, but do not solve the problems.  They are energy beings and they have appeared many, many times in Near Death Experiences of people to assist them.  

In meditations Light Beings can often be seen and chatted with.  They have a wide range of personalities and various things they do.  I often send them to help people who are in need of the Light Beings  to help balance the energy in the persons house, or to assist people with serious problems. 

I began seeing Light beings when I was around three years old.  I use to dream that I was being taken up to the clouds by shinny beings wearing white robes and golden belts.  As I got older I realized it was not a dream.  They would talk to me, tell me things that was happening in the Universe and around the world.  Over the years I have gotten my favorites among them and have a tendency to send these ones out the most to help people. 


One way to get in touch with them is to do a meditation.  Start by saying a prayer of protection before doing any meditation.  While in meditation let yourself relax to where you feel yourself sinking in the colors.  When you begin to see a lot of golden swirls then gently ask if there is a light being present.  When one responds then you can talk with them. Always say a prayer asking that you not hear the voices of your own mind but only those voices of the light so that you know you are not just making it up when it happens and that you actually have a light being and not something wandering around out there. 

They will not answer questions like when you will die or if there will be world peace, but they will talk to you about the things going on in your life or the lives of those you love.  They will give you energy, hugs and they will help you to balance things out in your life.  They cannot hurt people, they cannot do anything of the dark and they cannot be commanded.  Always request, always ask from the heart, always be gentle and kind with them.  Make sure where you do the meditation the room is clean and quiet to show them respect. They will not return if you curse at them, get mad, give them orders,  scream at them, accuse them, use hostility in your voice, ask them to do wrong things, ask them for power, ask them to make you rich or to humiliate, hurt or destroy another human being.  They are very beautiful, gentle souls who are full of love and light and cannot do anything that is not of the light.  Always respect them, always remember that this is a holy soul in front of you and always be humble to the fact that this being has taken the time to speak to you. 

Sometimes they will appear in dreams to give messages, they have also appeared in form in front of people or in Near Death Experiences.  When they come in dreams the dream is very, very real and you know it is them as you are oh so aware of the power of the Being in front of you.  

Relax and get to know them but again I will request that you always treat them with respect, kindness and humlity.