Pernelís interests are many and cover a wide range of topics. She collects Barbie Dolls, Old Rhinestone Jewelry, and Toys. She loves antiques of all kinds. She also is an avid reader and reads five to six books a week, usually three at a time placed in various spots in her home where she can grab them and read a few chapters while she is doing other things. She loves ghost stories, dragons, and all the classics, but doesnít care too much for the romance novels. She isnít into watching television very much unless it is a topic which grabs her attention like, tornadoís (she had been through eight of them including a level 5), or alien movies (she loved Men in BlackÖexcept the roach eating the guy), true life stories or movies with a lot of action and excitement to them (loves Stephen Seagull).

She loves the Disney Cartoons especially Aladdin, and she teases people all the time that she is going to run off with Johnny Bravo. Her other interest include, but is not limited to, Nuclear Power, Aliens, The Titanic (her uncle went down on the ship), Baseball, Egyptian Pyramids and Kings, Space theories like the black hole, Childrenís Issues, Art, Sea Findings, and a variety of other things.

FAVORITE SAYING: " I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, nor are you here to live up to mine, but if somewhere we meet in the middle, then it is beautiful:"

Pernel often jokes about being raised in the middle of spook central. Being a clairvoyant she knew there was something terrible in the house the first time she walked into it and begged her parents not to move there. She says her family was very poor and they didnít have a choice and that move began a rein of terror for her family that lasted over ten years. Already a published author, Pernel has been working on a book about it entitled SHERIDAN LINE, but the going is slow as she says it is very hard to remember all the terror of that house. She says that the experience has helped her to understand others better. She doesnít scoff at people who tell her that their homes are haunted or that they are bothered by unseen forces. She takes it very seriously because of her own experiences in that area. Pernel states that when she got older she developed an interest in ghost stories and spent a lot of time tracking down ghost in especially haunted areas, always trying to help the people that were being terrorized.

Pernel is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, yet her psychical beauty eludes her. It doesnít surprise me her favorite flower is the rose because she can be compared to one, fragrant, beautiful and delicate with an inner beauty that just keeps on giving.

Pernel's biography is currently being written.  She cannot figure out why as she says her life will bore people to death. Personally, I have never met anyone like her and doubt if I ever will again.  She is real, not just as a psychic but as a person.  Some of the things she had experienced in her life are:  

 Three near death experiences, one when she almost drowned, one three days after the birth of her daughter, and the last from an auto accident.

She lived on the Cree Indian Reservation in Hudson Bay, Manitoba Canada for over a year.  She sat on many of the councils with the elders and was taught the spiritual  ways of their people.  She was given the Indian name of Morning Dove.

These are just a couple of things that will be covered in the book.  Her life experiences are many and vast.  



As a writer I am one of the most skeptical people in the world.  When I met Pernel, I decided to test her and to prove that she was a fake.  I would say things like what am I thinking?  She would simply look at me and say, "Sorry, doesn't work that way, I'm a psychic, not a mind reader!"  Over the last four years that I have known her, I have been struck by many things about her.  First is her intelligence.  She has to be one of the most brilliant people I have ever known.  She seems to know something about every topic discussed and it is truly amazing.  The next thing that struck me is her devotion to children.  She totally adores them and they adore her. She considers children to be the greatest teachers on the earth of unconditional love.    

Going into more detail here, her psychic ability astounds me.  I have seen her diagnose people with illness when the doctors  couldn't figure out what was wrong with them.  I have seen her save countless lives, (including my own) over and over. For example,  she told me to pull my car over and park it now.  I was angry because traffic was heavy, but I did.  A white Chevy exactly like mine flew by us.  After a few minutes she looked at me and said very quietly, now you can drive.  When I reached the top of the bridge, the identical car to mine was tangled into a semi truck on the other side of the bridge.  Both the occupants were killed.  I was so rattled that I couldn't drive home and had to stop to settle down.   That is only one of many times she had saved me from being killed in traffic or being severely injured at work.  I have seen so many things I can't explain.  I've watched her walk in a dark room and be totally surrounded by a white light.  I've seen her have white light come from her hands.   I thought I was loosing my mind, I don't see things, I am a skeptic and don't believe in theses things, but there they were and I could not explain them no matter how hard I tried.  I looked for light sources, projection cameras, anything I could to get a reasonable answer but each time it was right before me, I could not find a reason for it.  Once I could dismiss, twice I could reason out, but hundreds of times, well that is a different story. 

I paid close attention to this lady. A lady from the internet made the trip to come and meet Pernel.  She called and told me that when she got here she had a lot of doubts about Pernel.  She said that she was looking at her and suddenly a bright light shone around Pernel.  She said the light was so bright that she had problems seeing anything.  She said she felt funny for a minute and the light hurt her eyes.  When Pernel left, she went to the bathroom and her brown eyes had turned to the most beautiful green she had ever seen.  Her eyes remained green for days and then went back to their normal brown color.  She told me that she had no doubts left when she left here.  Now, one lady who calls me and tells me their eyes changed colors is not enough to convince me of anything, but there were numerous calls like that.  People saying when they met her their eyes changed colors, some of them stayed the new color, some of them changed back to their own color.  Then people called me and told me how she had woke them up in the middle of the night and sat down and talked with them. They claimed she appeared at their bedside, glowing in light and would tell them about things that were happening in their lives.  I would be like, "Right," but wrote them down anyway.  What began to bother me was the fact that so many people called with these stories.  They called from all walks of life and from all different states and parts of the world.  My dad use to tell me where there is smoke, there is fire, so I watched even more closely.

Then it happened.  On this day, Pernel had been called to help a family who had an elderly lady who was dying.  She was lingering in a coma and they could not figure out why she was fighting so badly to stay here.  Pernel went to her and took her hand.  She talked with the lady and told the family what the lady wanted.  As I watched her stroke the hair of this dying person and assure her that it was alright to cross over to the other side, I was overcome with emotion. Pernel did not care who was around her or what they thought about her, she only cared for the person who she was trying to help.  She bent down and lightly kissed the ladies forehead and whispered something to her that none of us could hear.  Tears were streaming down Pernel's face.  I kept thinking to myself, "How can you care so much for someone you don't even know?" Then I thought, "she must be a good actress and is putting on a good show." The thought struck me that she must be getting paid a bunch for this one. I was a little disgusted and turned away from the bedside scene.  When I looked back I just stood there is shock.  She stood there surrounded by light, so bright that it lit up the entire room. Later when  I talked with the family I was amazed to learn that when they had tried to pay Pernel for helping them that Pernel had refused their payment.  She told the family that they had enough bills to pay and that if they really wanted to pay her that they should place a single rose on the ladies grave for her.  The family told me that she had thanked them for allowing her to be a part of their lives and had quietly walked off without another word.  

Now I was confused and beginning to realize I was falling in love.  I was also angry.  She challenged everything I believed in and I couldn't explain any of what was happening.  I went to her in a rage.  I called her names and said horrible things to her.  She just sat quietly and looked at me.  She closed her eyes and tears began to stream down her face.  Then I seen a light shine around her and when she opened her eyes again, I was looking into the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.  Guess what...her eyes are hazel, yet right there before my own eyes they had changed colors and in an instant.  They are still blue to this day.  

Who is she? I don't know.  What is she? I don't know that either.  Some people claim that she is a light being come back to help people in this world.  I don't know, maybe.  I know I've heard peoples voices talking to her and when I go into the room, she is sitting alone.  I know the things I've seen, felt and heard are real.  I live with her and everyday is amazing.  I don't care where she come from, or who she is.  To me, she is my Boo and the love of my life.  She is the gentleness person I have ever known.  Although at times her language can get colorful (she can make a sailor blush) I have never seen anger out of her.  She will frown and let you know with a quick glance when your out of line, but she does not loose her temper.  She states simply that it is not worth it, life is to short for anger. The bottom line here is that she is remarkable, as a psychic, and as a human being.  This simple testimonial cannot truly tell you how this woman I meant to destroy made a believer out of me, showing me there is more than black and white in this world. She helped reaffirmed my faith in God and has guided me for the last four years with the most gentle touch I have ever known. I began to destroy her, in the end I married her, a decision that I will never regret.   She is truly a bright light shinning in the mist of the darkness in this world. 

 I could rave about her for hours, but if you would like more information, please e-mail me at and I'll tell you everything I know:)  Don't just take my word for it though, call her and find out for yourself what I'm trying to tell you. 

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