Pernel Dove's Predictions

for 2005

This page contains the predictions made by Pernel for the year 2005 that have all ready happened.

Predictions made Jan 7, 2005

The predictions are in white and the date and times they happened is in Pink. 

* Spring is going to start out as a nightmare.  Floods will begin early and tornadoes will be out of season.  Storms will increase in size and in strength.  Long periods of drought will end in one area and begin in another. 

Predictions made Jan 01 2005

Update: Jan 16, 2005..Claifornia has been hit with a nightmare of rain which caused massive mudslides but the strangest thing is Ohio.  The river is cresting and it is a mess there.  People have been dealing with massive flooding all over the state.  They have said they have never seen anything like this in the month of January.   There was even some reports of a tornado touching down.  The weather is bizarre as places like Utah were there has been a major drought for the last several years have been doused with rain and snow and other places have been unseasonably warm.  CNN NEWS 

Jaden:  This is scary people!!  Update: Jan 21 2005:  Reports come in from California that they have had ten tornadoes touch down with the storms that have been hitting the state.  These tornadoes are baffling scientist as the start of the tornado season is in April and these storms are way out of season and California is not known for having tornadoes.   CNN Headline News 

* A  commercial airliner will  crash in the United States. 

Update: Feb 2: 2005.. TETERBORO, N.J. (Feb. 2) - A  jet hurtled off the end of an airport runway Wednesday while attempting to take off, speeding across a highway and striking two cars before slamming into a warehouse. About 15 people were injured, one critically, but nobody was killed

* There will be two more very large earthquakes between now and the end of summer. 

Update: Jan 18: 2005..Japan was rocked by an earthquake that measured 6.5 earlier this morning.  They do not expect it to cause another Tsunami.  Cnn News

Update Feb: 23 2005: A large earthquake measuring 6.5 hit Iran.  The quake is thought to have killed as many as 480 people.  CNN News 

* The elections in Iraq will be a total disaster and deaths will result from them. 

Update: Jan 18: 2005:    

With the elections to be held on the  30th the trouble in Iraq is all ready beginning.  Insurgents have warned people to stay away from the polls and have threatened candidates. Gunmen shot and killed three candidates, officials said Tuesday. Two of them belonged to Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's political coalition, the Iraqi National Accord.

Update Feb 2: 2005:  The elections were held but not without threats of violence and violence occurring.  Bomb were set off and many people were killed the week preceding the elections.  People were afraid to go to the polls, but many of them braved going out despite the threats.  Security was heavy around the polling places and the elections were held without to many people being injured during the actual elections themselves with most the violence happening before and after the elections were held.  Now threats are being made against the people who will win the elections and assignation talks have been picked up pertaining to the winners.  CNN News 

* A large refinery, oil or some other type of place full of toxins is going to go up like a bomb.  

Update: Jan 16, 2005 : ANDERSON, Indiana (AP) --  Thousands of people were evacuated  because of a magnesium fire at a recycling plant. The toxic fire erupted at the Advanced Magnesium Alloys Corp. plant Friday afternoon, but explosions forced firefighters out less than three hours later, said police Detective Terry Sollars.  Authorities evacuated 3,000 to 5,000 people from an area about one mile wide and two miles long that fell in the path of the smoke, Sollars said.  CNN NEWS 

Prediction made Feb. 24, 2004

* Record numbers of tornadoes will out break during the season and it will have an early start.  

From Jaden:  This is scary people!! 

Update: March 1, 05:  On Feb: 26, 2005: A tornado touched down near Tampa Florida and destroyed 14 homes.  The people were still recovering from the Hurricanes.  This tornado was a full two months out of season.   CNN News 

* Several items will be stolen from Gov. units.  These items are dangerous if they are used wrong. 

Update: Feb 27: 2005:  It was reported on Fox news that several thousand missals have been stolen from Gov. units.  The missiles are dangerous and it is thought that they could be used in an attack against the United States.  Fox News, CNN Headline News

Predictions Made April 8th: 

* Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and several other states will be hit with outbreaks of tornadoes.  Massive storm cells will develop and threaten  large portions of these states.  

Update May 3: 2004.  This is right on target.  It has been reported on CNN that outbreaks of tornadoes coming way out of season have hit parts of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.  The Tornadoes have destroyed homes and some of them come from no where.  Storms in Kentucky have taken down homes and business and they were considered to be freak storms as they just showed up and were not predicted to happen.  CNN News

* There will be more fires this summer, very large ones, and they will begin earlier. 

Update April 17: 2005.  Fires are getting an early start as several brush fires have already began causing problems in Pennsylvania and Florida.  The fire season is getting off to an early start this year officials have been quoted as saying.  It does not look like a good beginning for the rest of the year.  CNN 

Update Aug 22: 2005.  It was announced on CNN that this has been one of the worst fire seasons on record.  Fires have burned across several states and have done major damage this year,  CNN News

* Gas prices will begin to drop before the summer.

Update: May 3, 2005: Gas prices are beginning to fall slowly.  Cnn reported that the price of a barrel of oil fell for the second straight week in a row.  Analyst say by summer the price of a gallon of gas should level off and return back to a more normal standard.  Cnn News

* There will be another massive earthquake.

Update: April 11, 2004:  (CNN) -- A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck Monday southeast of the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

There were no tsunami warnings, according to the Tsunami Warning Center.

The quake, shortly after 1 p.m. ET, was centered about 180 miles (290 kilometers) from the closest island and about 1,000 miles (1,700 km) from Auckland, New Zealand, the USGS said.

* Bin Laden will reappear and make more threats.  He is getting ready to launch another attack. 

Update April 17: 2005.  Yesterday a car bomb was parked next to an American instillation.  The bomb ignited and sent several trucks full of flammable fluids on fire which caused a massive explosion.  Several people were killed.  Bin Ladens network of people have claimed the responsibility for the attack directly aimed at Americans.  CNN 

* As more ice melts into the ocean they become unstable.  Reports of freaky incidents on the ocean increase.  

Update: May 3, 2005: A ship reported that it spent several hours in the ocean being tossed around by freak waves that threatened to destroy the boat and all on board.  The people on the boat survived the ordeal but spent 30 hours being tossed around by freak waves, some as large as 30 feet.  AOL NEWS

* A nuclear reactor is going to have problems and then it is going to become a disaster. 

Update May 4, 2004:  A nuclear reactor begin to show problem and headed into a meltdown status.  The reactor located in  began to run hot and it started to go into meltdown state.  Officials were able to contain the reactor before the disaster became any worst than it was and prevented it from full meltdown and contained the problem from harming the community.  CNN News

*There will be reports of an Alien crash site. 

Update: May 6: 2005:  It has been reported that scientist have found an alien crash site on Mars.  Scientist have found what they figure to be the remains of one of our probes that vanished while taking pictures of Mars.  The photos show the parachute and how the craft crashed and tried to take off again before coming to rest on the planet.  AOL News

 Predictions May 17: 2005 

* A large earthquake will hit the United States and cause some shifting in the earths crust making a very unstable condition.  

Update:  May 26, 2005: Scientist today released a prediction that a major earthquake is going to hit California.  They say the quake will hit the Puente Hills fault and can be a 7.5 mag. or higher.  They expect 3,00 through 18,000 deaths and between 82 to 252 billion dollars in damage.  CNN AND AOL News

Update June 12: 2005: A magnitude 5.6 quake hit just outside of Los Angelus this morning.  The quake did some damage but it is thought that this is just he beginning and there will be more and larger ones to follow.  CNN News 

Way to Go Pernel!! Jayden:)

Update June 14, 2005:  A very large earthquake hit off the coast of Santa Rosa which caused the earths crust to move and prompted a Tsunami warning to go into effect.  The quake shifted the earths crust back and forth and registered a 7.0 on the scales.  The Tsunami did not occur, but scientist are worried that this is just the beginning of an even larger quake.  CNN Headline News 

* Very strange reports will be begin to surface about Bin Laden.  He may very well be close to be discovered.  

Update June 21, 2005:  Reports began circulating today about Bin Laden.  The US Government says they know where he is hiding and it is just a matter of time before he is captured.  The Government official said that Bin Laden is very close to being captured. They also said they have known where he is for a long time but just have not gone there to get him yet..  (Humm, that doesn't make much sense to me, it seems they would have made it a priority..Jaden)  .....  CNN News 

*  An attack will be launched against subways or trains. 

Update: June 12th, 2005:  A train bound for Moscow was derailed last night when an explosive device went off in front on the train.  12 people wee injured in the explosion and authorities said it could have been a lot worst.  The attack on the train has officials worried that more attacks will take place.  CNN News 

July 7th:  A well coordinated attack was executed in London's King Cross  Subway Station during early morning rush hour on July 7th, 2005.  3 small bombs were denoted in the subway system.  One ripped the roof off a double-decker bus.  Death toll stands currently at 49, and more then 700 people were wounded, some very seriously, and 50 people are still missing.   CNN News 

Pernel this is frightening.  London was again attacked by bombs.  That makes twice in July.  Hope you don't see it here..Jaden

* A new sniper is going to show up and start taking pop shots at people.  

Update June 9th 2005: A very large section of the California freeway was closed off after reports of a sniper shooting people came in to the cops.  They were unable to determine if the sniper was shooting from a car or an overpass.  The victims were people totally at random.  CNN News 

* A freak accident causes a large commercial airliner to crash. 

Update: Aug 2, 2005:  NEW YORK, Aug. 2 -- An Air France passenger jetliner carrying 309 people skidded off a runway and burst into flames Tuesday afternoon while landing in Toronto during a dangerous thunderstorm -- yet no one died in the crash.

Passengers described chaos as the plane rolled at least 200 yards off the end of the runway into a wooded ravine at 4:03 p.m. The fuselage cracked, flames shot into the air and passengers screamed as the 12-member flight crew threw open emergency doors and laid down slides within seconds. Hundreds of passengers could be seen jumping and running even as fire and thick clouds of black billowed from the airplane.

Air France Flight 358, an Airbus A340-300 arriving from Paris, was trying to land at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Tuesday afternoon when it ran into an intense thunderstorm. Passengers reported that the jetliner appeared to lose electrical power just before touching down, and several witnesses claimed to see a bolt of lightning strike the airplane. The jetliner bounced and heaved, passengers said, before running into a ravine designed to stop planes from crashing into nearby Highway 40

By Michael Powell and Sara Kehaulani Goo
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, August 3, 2005; Page A01

New Predictions August 09, 2005

*  A new tape is going to be released concerning Bin Laden.  It is going to suggest that an attack is close on the US.  (He seems to like to work within 5 year time frames.)  

Update Aug: 5, 2005:  Today  a tape was releases from Ayman al-Zawahiri,  Bin Laden's second in command.  The tape threatened major attacks against the United States and Britain.  The tape blamed Tony Blair for the bombings in Britain and it suggested that this is nothing compared to what is to come. The tape claims:  "If you continue your politics against Muslims, you will see, God willing, such horror that you will forget the horrors of Vietnam." CNN News 

*  Gas prices will go over the $3.00 a gallon mark and cause economy problems. 

Update: August 12: WASHINGTON (Aug. 12) - The pinch at the pump is starting to feel more like a punch for a growing number of Americans.

With gas prices soaring, almost two-thirds of those surveyed for an AP-AOL poll expect fuel costs will cause them financial hardship in coming months. That was sharply higher than in April, when about half felt that way.  Crude oil prices reached a record high of more than $66 a barrel Friday. That's almost 50 percent higher than a year ago.  In California, gas prices are 2.98 a gallon for reg, $3.09 for unleaded and $3.19 for premium.   AOL News


*  More threats will come through from Bin Laden's group and they will be frightening in context.  They will be aimed at Americans and their destruction.  

Update: Aug 10, 2005:  Another tape was released from Bin Ladens group yesterday.  This was a two hour tape and it was done by a masked man who appears to have an Austrlian accent.  The tape showed French, German, and other nationalities who appear to be trying to recruit more fighters.  The tape was a clear message to Americans that they plan to kill Americans no matter where they are.  CNN News

*  Ancient artifacts will be uncovered relating to the bible and may have an impact on Christians.   

Update: Aug 11: 2005:  Archaeologist Uncovers Pool of Siloam.  They believe this is the place where Jesus cured the blind man.  This is an important find and they are very excited about it.  They have half of the pool uncovered and it brings to life the story in the Bible.  It will take it's place as one of the holiest places in the Holy land. AOL NEWS

May 17: 2005 

* An attack  against a large Military ship.  Guys, make me wrong on this one attention here and divert this.  

Update Aug 19: 2005: AMMAN, Jordan (Aug. 19) - Attackers fired at least three rockets from Jordan early Friday, with one narrowly missing a docked U.S. Navy ship and killing a Jordanian soldier. It was the most serious militant attack on the Navy since the USS Cole was bombed in 2000.  The rockets were fired at the USS Ashland.  CNN News


* A major Hurricane will make landfall.  This one is huge bigger than a cat. 5 closer to a cat. 6 and will cause major destruction.  

Note from Pernel:  Like many of Americans I have spent the last few days watching the destruction of this massive hurricane.  Having been through two hurricanes myself, I know how it makes a person feel totally powerless.  My heart goes out to each and every one of the people affected by this storm.  I will keep you all in my prayers.


Update: Aug 28, 2005: Katrina bears down on new Orleans with winds at 175 mph.  This storm is larger than a cat. 5 and closer to a 5 1/2 or a cat. 6.  Evacuations are mandatory for the area and the President had declared it a national disaster area even before the storm arrives.    CNN NEWS 

Update: Aug 31: 2005 Katrina will go down in History as one of the most destructive storms ever to hit the United States.  The death toll continues to climb, thousands are homeless  and the disaster areas look like a nuclear bomb was set off in them.  CNN News 

Note to readers from Jayden:  Pernel has been talking to people about this storm for months.  She has watched it for almost six months and told many people that it was coming and that she was terrified of it.  She kept saying, "I have never seen anything like this."  She told that it would go across Florida and then churn in the Gulf and head up and destroy everything in it's path.  She did not know exactly where it would make landfall. She kept saying, "it is huge, it is going to kill so many people and do so much destruction." Yesterday, (Aug 30, 2005) she said, "This is one time I honestly wish I  was totally wrong."  

New Predictions Aug: 26, 2005

* I am sorry, but the hurricanes are not finished for this year yet.  There will be still another one make landfall.  

Update: September 13:  Hurricane Ophelia is due to make landfall tomorrow morning.  This hurricane is expected to do a lot of damage to the beaches in the Carolinians.  CNN News 

Update: Sept. 23, 2005.  Rita is bearing down on Texas today and is expected to strike tomorrow.  This is the third strongest storm in recorded history.  Rita seems to be loosing strength as she approaches the coast.  

* There will be reports of problems with the drinking water

Sept: 23: 2005: There was reported problems with drinking water in Dupont because of PFOA in the water.  The contaminant was found in several areas, including Ohio and Georgia in the tap water.  For more information go to:  CNN News

* A massive earthquake will hit and bring major destruction

Update: Oct. 8: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Oct. 8) - A powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake near the Pakistan-India border Saturday reduced villages to rubble, triggered landslides and flattened an apartment building, killing more than 2,000 people in both nations. The dead included 250 girls who were crushed by rubble when their school collapsed.  AOL NEWS 


* Once again Bin Laden will release a tape with the worst threats yet on it.

Update: Sept 12, 2005: Yesterday a tape was released from Bin Laden's group in which they threatened total destruction of the United States.  They claimed that America had not seen anything yet and Sept. 11 would be nothing in comparison of what was to come.  CNN News 

* Food prices will rise sharply

Update: Sept. 23, 2005: It was reported that food prices will rise sharply over the next few weeks.  The prices of cement, plywood and other itmes are skyrocketing due to the destruction of costal areas.  Food prices can make a 20 to 50 percent hike.  CNN News 

* Gas prices will cause more problems and the stock market will fluctuate badly

Update: Sept: 9: With the rises in gas prices, the stock market took several turns over the last few weeks.  Measures to bring the prices of gas down have helped to settle the market.  Cnn News 

Update: Sept 23, 2005: It was reported last night on Cnn that the stock market has been going through phases of fluctuations the storms come and go in the gulf.  Higher gas prices and storm damage are making investors nervous and if the economy continues, we will be into inflation.  CNN News 

* President Bush will get ill.  

Update: Oct: 21, 2005: Conflicting reports came out of Washington regarding the health of President Bush.  It was thought that the president maybe ill but when reports were confirmed, it turned out to be the late President Bush who is experiencing health issues.  CNN NEWS


Predictions Oct: 17: 2005

* In Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana the winter is going to be very strange with storms consisting of lighting and flooding as well as large snow falls but starting a little later than normal. 

Update: Nov:  7: 2005:  Tornadoes that were out of season ripped through Kentucky and destroyed homes, caused deaths and destroyed property .   Cnn News

Update: Nov: 17, 2005:  Violent storms raced across Kentucky and Ill again.  Flooding is reported in several areas with over thirty tornadoes being reported.  Ohio was hit by flooding and tornadoes, violent lighting.  Kentucky was also hit again in areas where they had just endured a tornado a week before.  This sinter is turning out to be a strange one with so many tornadoes out of season.  CNN NEWS

* A new terror threat is going to be launched against Washington D.C. itself. 

Update: Nov 9: 2005:  Reports came through that Washington D.C. was the target of a terror plot.  It was uncovered that terror groups had plans on doing a massive terror campaign against the capitol.  CNN News

PREDICTIONS: Nov: 10, 2005: * There will be a violent storm which will hit Chicago, Michigan and Ohio during the winter.  Freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow fall will make it a nightmare.

Update: Nov: 30 2005: A major snow storm slammed into the mid-west.  Schools were closed and roads were impassable as large amounts of snow dumped over Chicago, and Ohio.  The snow storm brought freezing temperatures and ice on the roads were blamed for several deaths. CNN News

* There will be an unusual happening in the sky, either a meteor, or large light flashes like small burning comets.

Update: Nov 29:2003:  Reports have been coming in of strange large lights seen in the skies.  The lights have been seen over several states.  Scientist are saying it is debris that is hitting the atmosphere and burning on contact.  The lights looked like large balls of fire according to witness.  CNN News

* Another earthquake will be reported.  This one will be huge, around 7 to 8 on the scale. 

Update: Nov: 28: India was rocked this morning by a major earthquake of magnitude 8.5.  There was several aftershocks and major destruction throughout the country.  CNN NEWS